Emico’s Vegetable Buffet


The side dishes are lined with fresh vegetables from Oita Prefecture

Vegetarian, allergy, vegan, inbound restaurant for Oita prefecture

A buffet lunch where you can eat plenty of vegetables is popular.

Enjoy our menu of about 20 varieties of vegetables at the counter table for 45 minutes.

Hot dishes and dishes that require freshness are served at the table.

One of the restaurants where you can taste the ingredients of Oita.

It is a restaurant for vegetarians and vegans, focusing on vegetables directly connected to farmers (naturally grown vegetables from Gyorin Farm).

Seasoning also reproduces the Sicilian taste of Italian with Oita vegetables
Sometimes we use vinegar for salt and olive oil sometimes simple seasoning.

In the chef’s story
balanced for heart and body
First of all, you are in your own health! After all, 【Heart and physical health】 It is also connected in the global environment
It might be the place where it became the form that starts from food here, 【Emiko’s Vegetable Cafe】?

43 seats
Private room completed
Barrier free available
Wheelchair entry possible
Regular holiday is Monday, Tuesday

How to access
9 minutes on foot from Oita Station Take Chuo-dori to Tokiwa and turn Aka-Renga-Kan(red brick classical building) to the right
Go straight and get on the 1st floor of Bitzville.


Emico’s Vegetable Buffet

Addr:3-2-33 Funai-cho, Oita City


Open:11:30 ~ 14:30(L.O.13:30)

Dinner time/18:00~ 22:00(reservation required)(L.O.21:30)

Day off:Monday, Tuesday