Alycia kitchen & cafe


The shop that explains how to use the ingredients and cooking

Vegetarian, allergy, vegan, inbound restaurant for Oita prefecture

A menu of vegetables from Oita Prefecture (natural and organic).

Chemical seasoning, no additives.

It is located in the central of Oita City.
The shop with a stylish and cozy atmosphere.
A comfortable space where a woman singly can come at ease.
One of the heart-warming cafes is here “Alycia kitchen & cafe”

Many women are concerned about food.
Commitment to Alicia Kitchen

『Vegetable Plate』

One of the lunch menu to offer
“Vegetable Plate”
Especially in Oita Prefecture, especially vegetables
(Naturally grown vegetables, organic pesticide free vegetables)
Menu with plenty of moreover
no chemical seasonings, processed products or additives are used.

We offer dishes that make use of the original taste of the ingredients.
Furthermore, “How is your soup stock? “I heard that …

While putting out the original taste of vegetables and ingredients
He seems to be thinking about soup and menu.
Just do not put extra things!
Also, Alicia is here
She can enjoy drinking fine liqure and carefully selected wine

Red wine
White wine
The wine called “Bio C’est Bien Comca”
You seem to be able to feel like something so refined!!
You can enjoy having your meal here with anyone other than vegetarians, just from one table is connected each other.

Furthermore, even in the classification of vegetable food lacto-opo vegetarian (egg / product). Because we may use on menu of dish for lunch
If you have confirmed it by all means
Isn’t it definitely delicious?

Why don’t you be healed by the healthy Vegetableplate here slowly your one person’s time.

A space where you can relax in the light of candles.

ベジフード協会大分 alycia


アレルギー対応店 アリシア


アレルギー対応店 アリシア ベジフード協会大分アリシア ベジタリアン対応レストランアリシア

Alycia kitchen & cafe

Addr:2-3-20 Funai-cho, Oita City


Open:10:30 ~ 19:00

Day off:Sunday