Life Gallery hana


Life Gallery hana

Oita River flows near here and located in a place where you can taste the atmosphere of each season.

“Life Gallery Flower” with macrobiotic lunch at Oita.

The appearance was based on white
calm space.
Looking out through the shop window
you’ll be fascinated by the small beautiful scenery
Taste time and seasonal feeling relaxed
It is such a place.

Lunch menu
It becomes basic macrobiotic use.
For allergies
Please inquire in advance.



* Macrobiotic Remacking Graduate School Graduation
* Lima Macrobiotic Certified Instructor
* Kanon Macrobiotic Instructor
* Cross Macrobiotic Instructor Finished * Macrobiotic Counselor Undergoing
* Macrobiotic 28 years
* Seattle Life 20 years * American Natural Food Circumstances detailed









Macrobiotic Organic Cafe Brown Rice Plate Lunch (reservation required)

Natural food, miscellaneous goods sale of daily life, art gallery every other Wednesday
Natural Farming’s naturally grown pesticide-free vegetables and natural yeast bread / brown rice arrival Every other Monday

UEMURA bread bread arrival biweekly Thursday hanako bread arrival

Organic products are also enriched


Addr:3-4-18 Maizuru-machi, Oita City


Open:11:00~18:00(reservation required )

Day off:Saturday