stone oven pizza & cafe Bravo


A long-established Italian restaurant dedicated to organic dish

Vegetarian, allergy, vegan, inbound restaurant for Oita prefecture

The Italian restaurant which stands on wonderful hill of view over five minutes by car from Oita IC of highway.

The scenery of Oita city that overlooks from the site of about 20 acres is a superb view, and it is about to be the shooting place of the movie “Seeker”.

Lunch is popular with women and housewives with children.

The owner is the first leader who started organic and vegetarian stores in Oita.

Vegetable Restaurant Bravo


We use “Honmamon flour” grown with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizer produced in Usuki City, Oita.



  • ベジレストランぶらぼぅのカフェスペース

We have the cafe room.


Baby lunch room
You can come to the store with your small children at ease.


We have the terrace room with Oita veggie lunch table





stone oven pizza & cafe Bravo

Addr:2-1 Shounoharu, Oita City


Open:11:30 ~ 18:00

Day off:Monday