Indian Restaurant・Curry・TANDOORIAN【Vegetarian/Musulim Friendly】


Indian Restaurant・Curry・TANDOORIAN

Commitment to the ingredients, you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine all by Indian chefs.

When you enter the store, you can enjoy the aroma of spice, Indian animation and Indian music.

We offer curry and tandoori dishes using authentic Indian spices, lunch and take-out lunches, and healthy and delicious dinners popular with women.

Uses canola oil and extra virgin olive oil!
Healthy because no animal fat is used!

The owner has a good understanding of vegetarians and Muslims.

Note: In-store menus other than Muslim friendly and alcohol

This restaurant is checked by vegetarian/muslim residents.

There are some Vegetarian and Musulim Friendly dishes.

Please note there are dishes and drinks that all not vegetarian/Halal on the menu.




Indian Restaurant・Curry・TANDOORIAN

Addr:5-9-G-1F Oujikita-machi,Oita City


Dinner time/17:30~22:00

Day off:Irregular holiday