tettako-TAKOYAKI【Musulim Friendly】



“Takoyaki , octopus dumplings Shop that has been in business for 35 years.

It is located about 3 minutes on foot from Oita Station.

There are 4 small counters and 6 open tables outside the store.

In Oita City, it is the first Muslim-friendly certified store.

“Takoyaki for Muslim”, which is rare in Japan, has a total of 3 menus.

①Unglazed salt olive oil

②Unglazed Shirasu Olive Oil

③ Uncooked Parmigiano Olive Oil

Especially recommended is salted olive oil takoyaki from ①

Seasoned with Italian high quality extra virgin olive oil and white rock salt,

“Taste” that many people experience for the first time.

Takoyaki for Oita Muslim
Japan’s first Muslim takoyaki

Note: In the store, menus other than Muslim friendly and alcohol are provided.

This restaurant is checked by muslim residents.

There are some Musulim Friendly dishes.

Please note there are dishes and drinks that all not Halal on the menu.





Addr:1-1-19 Cyuo-cho,Oita City



Day off:Monday